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Register of Deeds warns of scam letter

Blount County Register of Deeds Phyllis Crisp is warning citizens of a scam letter falsely offering copies of deeds for $95.

The letter, which comes through the mail, appears official and fraudulently states a copy of a "property assessment profile," including a copy of a grant deed or other record of title, can be purchased.

One letter, a copy of which was provided to The Daily Times, claims it came from "Property Site," lists a Fresno, California, address, and states the "service" isn't associated with any governmental agency.

In actuality, the Register of Deeds Office makes deed copies for 50 cents a page, or $1 a page for certified copies, which can serve as an original.

Crisp said multiple people have reached out to her office about the scam letters. As of Wednesday afternoon, the office had received notice of three scam letters just that day.


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