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Can I Waive A Title Search?

Before you close on a house, a title search is performed to uncover any issues with the property. For instance, if there are easements or any unresolved payments, these problems will come out during a title search. A title company or attorney will perform the search.

But you may be wondering if the title search is really necessary and if there’s a way you can waive it. And that depends on whether you’re buying the home through a lender or paying in cash.

If You’re Applying For A Mortgage

If you’re buying a house through a mortgage lender, your lender will always require a title search. By skipping a title search, you run the risk that the seller isn’t truly the rightful owner of the property. This could jeopardize your property ownership in the future, and lenders are never willing to run that risk.

If You’re Paying In Cash

If you’re paying in cash and the seller agrees, it is possible to waive a title search. However, you should never consider waiving a title search. By forgoing the title search, you run the risk of taking a complete loss if the property you thought you were buying wasn’t the seller's to sell.


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